Meet Karen Desormeau

Meet Karen Desormeau, Client Care Manager, Interior Homecare Solutions

The first thing that becomes abundantly clear when speaking with Karen Desormeau, is how much she loves providing care to people in need.

Growing up with a disabled sister who required 24-hour care, Karen quickly learned to advocate for those who require help. Her sister was blind and had cerebral palsy, and so the entire family of 6 cared for her unconditionally day and night. Her sister reciprocated with the kind of love and joy that taught Karen not only how to provide care, but more importantly, that what she received in return, was so much more valuable.

This translated into a career for Karen, starting as a care aid in 1976. Being a small town girl from McBride meant that Karen had to go where the work was and so she spent most of her career between Prince George, Jasper and McBride. Karen trained as an LPN and then went on to become an RN working in palliative care and gerontology.

“Working in all of these roles gives me a complete picture of the care required for a person to live a full life,” says Karen, and she emphasizes that, “each role is as important as the other.”

It is her unique upbringing and full career that makes her a great Client Care Manager—able to balance the demanding combination of nursing and administration. This balance is what makes Karen feel so blessed and grateful for her career, not to mention the fantastic group of staff that Karen works with daily—she feels the full support of the team and Holly (Owner and Director of Operations and Nursing of Interior Homecare Solutions).

While Karen loves to bake and read, her spare time is filled with the joy of family. Married for 43 years, Karen has 3 amazing daughters and 8 adored grandchildren. While Covid restrictions have prevented the number of visits she would like, Karen is extremely fortunate, as a nurse, to be able to visit her 94 year-old mother in a long-term care facility daily.

The most important thing that Karen wants people to know about Interior Homecare Solutions is that the entire team takes such pride in ensuring that clients receive the best care possible with consistent staffing to ensure that the client, their whole family, and the care provider are able to build a strong relationship based on trust and quality care.

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