Meet Courtney Marsh

Meet Courtney Marsh Interior HomeCare Solutions

Courtney Marsh, a Client Care Manager with Interior Homecare Solutions, did not take a typical path to her career in nursing.

From a very young age, Courtney wanted to work with animals. Her love of wildlife conservation led her to Namibia, where she worked in a wildlife sanctuary for a year. Although she absolutely loved her experiences there, she realized that if she stayed, her life would revolve around the camp and not involve a family of her own. So, she gave it up to travel through Central America with the hopes that the trip would guide her on a new path. And, as unlikely as it seems, it was there, on a boat off the coast of Honduras, that Courtney met a travel nurse who changed her life forever.

After spending an hour together on that boat, Courtney was inspired that nursing could give her the life she was looking for—a challenging career that combines the science of medicine with a holistic view of a person’s overall health, along with the opportunity to work anywhere.

Courtney has never looked back. She completed the nursing program at UBCO in 2019 and is thrilled to be working with the team at Interior Homecare Solutions since October 2020.

Running the Community Pediatrics Program, Courtney collaborates closely with BC Children’s Hospital to ensure that the children in her program receive the best possible complete care. This complete care is what is most important to Courtney and perhaps it comes from her many travel experiences. Born in Saskatchewan but living many of her early years in the Philippines and Tanzania, combined with her experiences travelling, led her to realize that overall health involves more than one aspect of health care.

Courtney is grateful, “I have an incredible work-life balance. I’m surrounded by empowered women and I have the autonomy to manage my hours and balance my projects. Plus, I’m challenging myself and learning something new every day.”

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