Meet Ken Jyrkkanen, CD, BA, BSW

Ken Jyrkkanen

A Blue Bomber fan at heart, Ken Jyrkkanen was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Moving to Kamloops in 1979, he has been a British Columbian ever since. Enjoying all the backcountry mountain adventures he can. From hiking and camping, to hunting and fishing. His top outdoor adventure includes hiking in the Rockies with his wife Stacy, their two kids and their Miniature Schnauzer, Finn.

Ken joined Interior Homecare Solutions in May of this year as Manager – Community & Residential Services. It has been a natural transition after spending 30 years working with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. He was also a member of the Rocky Mountain Rangers for 25 years. Ending his stint as the Commanding Officer at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Clearly a person of a strong work ethic and commitment. Ken enjoys building programs suited to an individual’s unique needs so that they can grow and thrive.


“I want to see that we can put value into people’s lives,” he says. “Success takes problem solving and working collaboratively with everyone involved, including the individual, their family, other staff and stakeholders like the Ministry, CLBC, Indigenous communities, etc.”


“It’s our goal and intent to build homecare situations for children and clients who can’t remain with family that are relationship based, compassionate and fun. We want to bring clients and family together to provide opportunities for their growth and self-expression while recognizing family, community, and culture.” He goes on to emphasize that when applicable, “It is extremely important to recognize one’s indigenous identity.”


One final thought Ken would like to leave us with? He loves cooking, new food experiences and enjoys new and fine wines from the Okanagan and appreciates a well-aged whiskey and cigar! Any suggestions are welcome!


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