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Meet Ken Jyrkkanen, CD, BA, BSW

A Blue Bomber fan at heart, Ken Jyrkkanen was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Moving to Kamloops in 1979, he has been a British Columbian ever since. Enjoying all the backcountry mountain adventures he can. From hiking and camping, to hunting and fishing. His top outdoor adventure includes hiking in the Rockies with his […]

Meet Courtney Marsh

Courtney Marsh, a Client Care Manager with Interior Homecare Solutions, did not take a typical path to her career in nursing. From a very young age, Courtney wanted to work with animals. Her love of wildlife conservation led her to Namibia, where she worked in a wildlife sanctuary for a year. Although she absolutely loved […]

Meet Aekam Bal

Meet Aekam Bal, Clinical Care Manager for Kamloops Interior HomeCare Solutions Upon talking to Aekam Bal, it becomes immediately apparent that she is grateful for her life, her family and the amazing group of people that she works with at Interior Homecare Solutions. Born and raised in India, Aekam moved to Terrace in 2008. Although […]

Meet Karen Desormeau

Meet Karen Desormeau, Client Care Manager, Interior Homecare Solutions The first thing that becomes abundantly clear when speaking with Karen Desormeau, is how much she loves providing care to people in need. Growing up with a disabled sister who required 24-hour care, Karen quickly learned to advocate for those who require help. Her sister was […]

Meet Cynthia Winthrope

Meet Cynthia Winthrope, General Manager, Interior Homecare Solutions. The sunny Okanagan is a great place to live and work for Cynthia Winthrope, a kind-hearted administrator who loves to keep things organized. Growing up in the small, northern town of Smithers, BC, Cynthia was anxious to explore the world. After graduation, she headed straight to BCIT to enroll […]

Meet Holly Malfair

Spend any time with Holly Malfair, and you quickly realize that she is exactly where she should be – running a leading British Columbia Home Health Care company. She is a feisty go-getter who demands perfection and loves to be in charge of the situation (she’s also the first to tell you that she’s a […]