Meet Aekam Bal

Meet Aekam Bal Interior HomeCare Solutions

Meet Aekam Bal, Clinical Care Manager for Kamloops Interior HomeCare Solutions

Upon talking to Aekam Bal, it becomes immediately apparent that she is grateful for her life, her family and the amazing group of people that she works with at Interior Homecare Solutions.

Born and raised in India, Aekam moved to Terrace in 2008. Although a bit of a culture shock, she adapted to her new Canadian life quickly and she and her husband soon moved to Kamloops where they have been ever since.

A naturally caring person, Aekam is the Clinical Care Manager for the Kamloops office of Interior Homecare Solutions.

Simply put, she wears a lot of hats. As a direct contact with clients, she meets them for the initial assessment to decide which care worker would be a good fit. She also manages the scheduling, creates the care plan, follows up with the client to ensure their needs are being met, and even provides care including assessments and home care visits.

Working with Interior Homecare Solutions since 2016, she is so thankful for the amazing group of coworkers she has.

“We have each other’s back. We work together to ensure the best possible care for each of our clients. The best way to grow as a person is with a strong group of people around you.”

Aekam’s main influence for wanting to become a nurse came from the dedication and selflessness shown from her older sister who is a nurse in Punjab, India. The way her sister cared for others inspired Aekam to seek a similar career.

After spending her early years in Canada learning English and being a stay-at-home mom, Aekam decided, with the encouragement of her husband, to follow in her sister’s footsteps, so she completed her education to obtain her LPN through Sprott Shaw.

Her free time is spent with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters who are 6 and 8 years old. This means shuttling from one activity to another but she still manages to steal the odd moment to hide away with a good book.

She is extremely grateful to her husband who she describes as encouraging her to be who she is today, “he is so patient,” she says.

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